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The Classical guitars that I make are based on a long tradition of luthiery handed down through the generations by makers such as Ramirez, Boucher, Torres, Fleta and many others. The basic frame remains very similar but internal construction has developed taking advantage of technology and new materials.The constant is the search for tone and playability.


Classical Concert Guitar, Torres Style, Walnut back and sides, Swiss spruce soundboard.

Classical Concert Guitar, Torres Style, Walnut back and sides, Swiss spruce soundboard.

Parlour Guitar with Robert Irwin’s work in the background.



Walnut and Swiss Spruce Concert guitar. 650mm scale.





Walnut back and sides on Parlour guitar made in the style of 19century Lacote.


Torres Style guitar – European Spruce Soundboard, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Rosewood fretboard, Spanish Cedar neck reinforced with ebony splint.

Typical construction and fan bracing of my classical guitars.

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The Making of my Classical guitars has been informed and inspired by a long tradition of guitar makers who have handed down their skills and observations over hundreds of years.  The most influential in modern times has been Antonio Torres who is recognised to as having changed the internal and external appearance of the classical guitar into the form most recognised today.

Ramirez,Boucher,Fleta ETC expand up to Australian Smallman. New technology and materials have played their part.

Classical Torres2 1

Torres style Classical 650mm scale.

Torres parlour guitar1

Torres Braced – 604mm scale.

Torres parlour guitar2

Torres Braced 604mm Scale – Koa back and sides,spruce soundboard,Spanish Cedar neck.

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  1. Hi Paul – I’ve never played a classical guitar but I must admit I truly enjoy looking at your Instagram posts. I must say your classical guitars are simply gorgeous. I am especially moved by your parlour guitars.

    Unfortunately, I live in Carlsbad, CA 92009, USA. I was wondering what additional fees would be added to the price if I were to commission one of your beauties? I apologize for leading with such a crass question but I’m hoping that these fees don’t put a purchase out of my ability.

    Thank you so very much for your time and consideration.


    Bruce Kahn
    6282 Paseo Callado
    Carlsbad, CA 92009

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