Handmade Guitars

I make the following types of guitars (please click on each for more info):

3Classical guitars

The Classical guitars I make are based on a long tradition of luthery handed down through the generations by makers such as Ramirez, Boucher, Torres, Fleta and many others. The basic frame remains similar but the internal construction has developed taking advantage of technology and new materials. The constant is the search for tone and playability. More >>


My Flamenco guitars have an affinity with those made by Santos Hernandez and I have been informed by visits to Spanish workshops that maintain the spirit of traditional Spanish construction and economy of design.They should be bright and focussed with slick playability. More >>


My ukuleles are fun to make and should be fun to play, each having their own distinctive tone produced from a variety of woods and overall shape.There is a growing popularity for these four-stringed instruments particularly with the establishment of the International Ukulele Orchestra. More >>

Steel String

There are infinite permutations of the steel strung guitar. The area is little explored by me, but having worked on many repairs and experimented with numerous models I am able to work with clients to fulfil their requirements and produce something of lasting beauty and great sound. More >>

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