I make Classical and Flamenco Guitars and other stringed instruments.

This site will give you an introduction to the variety and quality of the instruments  I make and enable you to explore their sound and playability.

The instruments are hand-made in my workshop in Cardiff, South Wales U.K. and are constructed using responsibly sourced wood.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a commission or would like to find out more.

Apart from emailing me, you can find me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Recent Blog posts

Indulging in Walnut


This walnut has been a joy to use in the making of this Torres Style concert guitar. It has warmth and good compatibility with the Swiss spruce soundboard and produces rich and sonorous low registers with bright and controlled upper registers. The finish is French Polish which I think compliments the beauty of the wood and allows real freedom of tone.

Keep your eyes on the site for video of this guitar being played in the near future.