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Classical Guitars

  The Classical guitars that I make are based on a long tradition of luthiery handed down through the generations by makers such as Ramirez, Boucher, Torres, Fleta and many others. The basic frame remains very similar but internal construction … Continue reading

My Workshop

For me the workshop is a place for meditation, concentration and atavistic pleasure. There is nothing quite like the smell of wood, oil and varnish that builds up to make an intoxicating concoction. It is something everybody remarks upon as … Continue reading


  CHRIS ROBERTS 2018 It is always a pleasure to visit Paul’s workshop and to play his guitars. I have been lucky enough to play his Bear-claw Spruce and Flamed Maple guitar, it  really works with you to produce a … Continue reading


Prices of my hand made guitars vary depending on many factors but the following should give you a good indication of the level of investment you’ll be looking to make. To build a classical guitar will usually take me approximately … Continue reading

Steel String Guitars

Guitar Built for SADIE WILLIAMS, Australia. This is a relatively new venture for me. This commission has made me address the difference in structural integrity of this type of guitar as opposed to that of a classical/flamenco and build new … Continue reading


The Ukuleles I make are just fun to do , they provide me with the freedom to experiment and allow me to use different woods and designs without overcommitting. Over the years I have made Soprano, Concert ,Tenor and Baritone … Continue reading

Flamenco Guitars

My Flamenco guitars have an affinity with those made by Santos Hernandez (REF) and are tweaked and altered in response to trusted players and visits to Spanish and European Luthiers. I aim to maintain the spirit of Spanish crafstmanship and … Continue reading